BE [Elect. & Comm. Engg]

Electronics and Communication Department started in the year 1997 which was also the year of college opening .The 1st principal of our college was Dr A. S. AHLUWALIA and the 1st HOD of EC Department was Mr P.L. SINGH .The initial intake of EC Department was 60 student. Looking to the market and demand in 2004- 2005 the intake was increased to 90. Further in the year 2009 -10 the intake was increased to 120.

Salient Features of EC Department
1. The Department exposes the students to all fundamental and advanced technology in the field of Electronics and Communication.
2. The Department has several well-equipped laboratories such as Fibre Optics Communication Lab, Microprocessor Lab, Advanced Communication Lab, Microwave Lab, VLSI Design Lab, Antenna Lab, Circuit Simulation Lab, Wireless Networking Lab & DSP Lab, where students are given rigorous practical sessions.
3. The students are also exposed to virtual laboratory simulation packages like MATLAB, LABView, and VHDL as well as to hardware assembly and testing practices. This serves to help the students in gaining practical exposure to these developing technologies.
4. Seminars are presented by the students, which give them an opportunity to develop their communication skills.
5. To develop the personality of the student we provide them with special classes of personality development for that guest faculties are also called.
6. After the particular semester completion students are provided with the special classes for competitive examination for example GATE,PSUs etc.
7. To explore the students with advanced technology, we provide the students with workshops on advanced technology for example ROBOTICS, SOFT COMPUTING, VLSI AND EMBEDDED SYSTEM, MATLAB etc.
8. To enhance the knowledge of students in various field conferences is also organized by the department. The recent conference was NTAE-2012.

Electronics and Communication Engineering and today’s world: Electronics, particularly computer usage coupled with recent space age, endeavors has by this time already crept into every sphere of human activities. Every industry, institution & organization feels the need of an Electronics Engineer and a Computer specialist.

Today’s world is very much for and of the Electronics & Communication Engineers. Advanced countries in the world have gone to such depths of Electronics today that an Electronics Engineer is indispensable in every front. Opportunity in this highly sophisticated and advanced branch of engineering is just immense.

Electronics is now a part of our everyday life, from your pocket FM radio to televisions, computers, mobile phones and even the high-end satellites that process and sends images.

Career prospects:
Today, technology is growing at a rapid pace. In the coming future there is bound to be huge demand for competent engineers in electronic industry to cope this demand in technology. These engineers would be involved in creating and sustaining cutting edge technology to stay ahead in competition.
An electronic engineer can find job in Consumer electronics manufacturing organisation, Telecommunication industry, IT industries, Health care equipment manufacturing industry, Mobile communication, Internet technologies, Power Electronics, and Other industries like steel, petroleum and chemical industry, directing control and testing production process.

Electrical technicians and technologists can specialize in technical sales, product representation, systems management, the design and manufacture of electronic devices and systems, or the installation, maintenance and repair of electronic systems and equipment.

They may also work with computers and electronic equipment in the medical, manufacturing, industrial control, telecommunications, aeronautical and military fields.

Placement and Pay scale of Electronics and Communication Engineers:
The scope of electronics and communication engineer is very high, starting from telecommunication to satellite communication. For ECE student government jobs are available in large numbers.

Electronics and Communication Engineers usually get handsome salaries after some experience in related fields. Starters can get anywhere between Rs. 20,000/- to Rs.35, 000/- per month depending upon their skill and the company they are employed in.

Electronics & Communication Engineering are in boom and having scope in many industries such as

1. Airport Authority of India Limited.
3. Indian Railway
10. State Electricity Board
11. Power Grid Corporation of India Limited
12. Software Industries
13. BMRC etc.

However, with the growing world EC has wide range of scope in instrumentation, VLSI and EMBEDDED system, also in NETWORKING