Vision & Mission

The motto of GGSES has been “Shubh Karman te kabahoon na tarron” meaning one should not heed from doing good work

Society understands that present era youth is committed to achieve success in their respective fields & is focused to accomplish it. It is vision of society To produce world-class technocrats with excellence and innovativeness in building of Modern India, providing opportunity to today’s youth through education & to inculcate Moral values in students through True Professionalism.

“Transform India from a ‘Developing nation’ to a ‘Developed nation’ through Technical Education.”

• To make him an engineer with high level of conceptual, analytical, subjective and descriptive abilities.
• To provide quality education.
• To provide options & choice to students by conducting courses of all streams.
• To develop in him confidence for communication, writing ability and group discussions.
• To prepare students to succeed in information-directed and technology-driven global economy to become global citizens through effective teaching
• Shaping Students in an Innovative, Entrepreneurial, and Supportive, healthy environment.
• To become the best society, in terms of reputation, employee satisfaction, facilities & infrastructure.

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