BE [Mechanical Engineering]

Mechanical engineering is perhaps the broadest and most diverse of engineering disciplines. Mechanical engineers play an important role in the industries like automotive; aerospace (airplanes, aircraft engines, control systems for airplanes and spacecraft); biotechnology (implants, prosthetic devices, fluidic systems for pharmaceutical industries); computers and electronics (disk drives, printers, cooling systems, semiconductor tools); micro electro mechanical systems, or transducers (sensors, actuators, micro power generation); energy conversion (gas turbines, wind turbines, solar energy, fuel cells); environmental control (HVAC, air-conditioning, refrigeration, compressors); automation (robots, data and image acquisition, recognition, control); manufacturing (machining, machine tools, prototyping, micro fabrication).

Mechanical Engineering Department with the establishment of the institute is rendering its best towards the making of good mechanical engineers. Department is fully equipped with highly sophisticated labs and resources for the research up to post graduate level curriculum.

Initially the intake was 60, but it was increased by 60 in the year 2009, now department is having 120 intakes. Mr. A.K. Moitra was the first Head of department.

Department started PG course in “Thermal System and Design” in the year 2013.

Salient feature of the department are:
• State-of-art CAD/CAM lab supported by newest software like ANSYS
• Heat and Mass transfer lab for UG and PG courses
• Refrigeration & Air-conditioning lab
• Internal combustion Engine Lab
• Dynamics of Machine Lab
• Vibration Lab
• Material Testing lab

Time to time department conducts the training programmes and workshops to enhance updated technical knowledge among of students. Regular industrial visits are organized for students. Department is having good placement records (on campus and off campus as well)Values
• Academic integrity and accountability.
• Respect and tolerance for the views of every individual.
• Attention to issues of national relevance as well as of global concern.
• Breadth of understanding, including knowledge of the human sciences.
• Appreciation of intellectual excellence and creativity.
• An unfettered spirit of exploration, rationality and enterprise.

Opportunities for Mechanical Engineers:
• As the working criteria of a mechanical Engineer changes according to the type and domain of the company they are working with and field of specialization, we can broadly say that a mechanical Engineer works how to design and control a system that goes into the process of manufacturing the machinery and product. He tests new systems for feasibility and efficiency and carries out Quality management and improvement process.
• Mechanical engineers work in the automotive, aerospace, chemical, computer, communication, paper, and power generation industries.
• Mechanical engineers will be found in virtually any manufacturing industry. Increasingly, mechanical engineers are needed in the environmental and bio-medical fields. Indeed virtually every product or service in modern life has probably been touched in some way by a mechanical engineer.

What is there to study:
• Mechanical Engineers have to study a whole lot of physics, Engineering drawing, machine drawing and many more concepts such as
• Statics
• Dynamics
• Kinematics
• Strength of Materials
• Materials Science
• Theory of Machines
• Thermodynamics
• Fluid Mechanics
• Heat Transfer
• Manufacturing
• Machine Design
• Electrical Circuits
• Laboratory Methods
• Vibrations
• Engineering Economics
• Metallurgy
• Manufacturing Process.
• Computer Aided Design/ Drafting (CAD)
• Automobile Engineering
• Industrial Automation and Robotics

Career Scope and Placement Prospects:
• It has a tremendous scope in automobile engineering, cement industry, steel, power sector, Hydraulics, Manufacturing plants, Drilling and mining Industry, Petroleum, Aeronautical, Biotechnology and many more. With its wide scope of application, mechanical engineers remain always in demand, no matter which part of the world. You can also find job very easily in the following public sector industries such as Indian Railways, Indian Air force (Technical), Indian Army, Thermal power corporations etc.

Future Studies:
Mechanical Engineering students can go for higher studies in various domains of mechanical engineering. They can go for M.Tech, M.E, Ph.D by qualifying entrance examinations like GATE on scholarship or non-scholarship basis.